Tube Pulling Systems & Pumps

Tube Pullers from Airetool

The ATP III & PATP III Pumps are engineered to deliver superior performance and durability. They work in combination with a variety of different tube pulling RAMs.


  • Pumps come mounted in a roll cage with casters and large wheels for protection and increased mobility
  • Control cables and hydraulic hoses are bundled together for greater safety
  • Hydraulic hoses have quick connect fittings for easy attachment to the pump and tube pulling ram


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Description Ordering Number
ATP III Electric/Hydraulic Pump with Hoses, Cord and Pendant 5526244
PATP III Air/Hydraulic Pump with Hose Assembly and Pendant 5526242

Tube Pulling Systems consist of:

  1. Pump Assembly - air/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic (includes hose assembly)
  2. Ram Assembly - gripper or spear type
  3. Grippers or Spears - Gripper kit / adapter kit with spear / collar with spear (depends on ram selected)
Tube Puller Systems from Airetool