Multi-Spindle Rolling Controls

Multi-Spindle Tube Rolling System from Airetool

Fixture Mounted Tube Rolling Systems — Electric Driven

Utilizing a microprocessor controlled expanding cycle with programmable expansion parameters including torque, speed, and time. This ensures a very accurate, uniform, and repeatable process. Expansion modules available for single or multiple spindles (up to 16) with fixed or adjustable pitch designs.

  • Fully programmable automatic expansion cycle
  • View and/or export tube expansion results for data archive and QA analysis
  • Through-cage lubricant-injection system increases the durability of the tooling (expanders)
  • Robot or articulating arm mounting provides for an ergonomic solution and effortless productivity gains
Multi-Spindle Tube Rolling System from Airetool

Dual Spindle Torque Control Tube Expansion Systems — Air Driven

Utilizing 720 series Airetool motors to achieve almost twice the production rate of a hand-held rolling motor. A "dual start" button activates both motors, while left-start/right-start buttons are used for independent single tube rolling.

  • Torque control tube rolling with automatic reverse
  • Commonality of components with other rolling motors