Series ATP III Tube Pullers

Elecric/Hydraulic Semi-automatic Tube Pullers for Light & Medium Duty Applications

Series ATP III Tube Pullers from Airetool


Tube Pulling Ram by Airetool
Hose Cord from Airetool

The following components are required for most common tube pulling applications

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Ordering Number Description
5526244 ATP III Electric/Hydraulic Pump with Hoses, Cord, and Pendant
5526295 ATP III Tube Puller Ram Assembly
5525470PT ATP 9000B HCA Hose/Cord Assembly
5522513 ATP 9064A 15 Cord Assembly
  Gripper Kit (tube size specific)

ATP III Gripper Kit

Gripper Kits for ATP and PATP Tube Pullers from Airetool

Features of the ATP III Tube Pulling System include:

  • Free-floating gripper design results in uniform contact on the tube ID for better pulling characteristics and increased durability
  • Grippers are segmented, allowing replacement of single gripper segment in the event of tooth breakage
  • Grippers bite uniformly into the tube I.D. as the piston retracts, pulling the tube from the sheet
  • Grippers are available from 5/8" through 1" accommodating a wide range of tube gages
  • Optional 18 in. extension kit provides a useful method of removing hard-to-reach tubes

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Tube Size (O.D.) Tube Gauge Part Number Gripper Kit* Order Number 1 Gripper Complete** Order Number 2 Nose Bushing 3 Draw Rod 4 Expansion Nut 5 Lock Nut 6 Front O-ring 7 Rear O-ring
in. mm
0.625 15.9 16-18 ATP-9022-568 5520782 5520793 ATP-9042-5/8 (2991245) ATP-9034-5/8 (2991237) ATP-9035-5/8 (2991238) ATP-9036-5/8 (2991239) 200-9 (3105400) RTV-65 (3094500)
0.625 15.9 20-22 ATP-9022-522 5520783 5520794
0.750 19.1 14-15 ATP-9022-34 5520784 5520795 ATP -9014-3/4 (2991218) ATP -9015-3/4 (2991224) ATP -9016-3/4 (2991226) ATP -9017-3/4 (2991227) 2-113 (3010453) 900-83 (3220900)
0.750 19.1 16-18 ATP-9022-368 5520785 5520796
0.750 19.1 20-22 ATP-9022-322 5520786 5520797
0.875 22.2 12-14 ATP-9022-724 5520787 5520798 ATP -9027-7/8 (2991232) ATP -9037- 7/8-1 (2991240) ATP -9038- 7/8-1 (2991241) ATP -9039- 7/8-1 (2991242)
0.875 22.2 16-18 ATP-9022-768 5520788 5520799
0.875 22.2 20-22 ATP-9022-722 5520789 5520800
1.000 25.4 12-14 ATP-9022-124 5520790 5520801 ATP -9041-1 (2991244)
1.000 25.4 16-18 ATP-9022-168 5520791 5520802
1.000 25.4 20-22 ATP-9022-122 5520792 5520803

* Gripper Kit consists of 3 gripper segments, one nose bushing, one draw rod, one expansion nut, one lock nut, and both O-rings.

** Gripper Complete consists of 3 Gripper Segments and both O-rings.


Series ATP III Tube Pullers

  • The Airetool Model ATP III Tube Pulling Ram develops 13-3/4 tons of pulling power
  • Easily remove tubes up to 1 in. O.D. from tube sheets up to 1-1/2 in. thickness*
  • Grippers bite uniformly into the tube I.D. as the piston retracts, pulling the tube from the sheet
  • Provides a full 4-3/4 inch total pulling length through a double 2-3/8 inch pull
  • Electric switch in the handle of the ram enables the hydraulic pump to operate the ram cylinder
  • Puller reverses instantly at the end of the pulling cycle or when the trigger is released

* Puller capacity of the ATP Ram will vary with tube wall thickness, tube sheet thickness and tube material.


Dimensions currently unavailable.


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