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Airetool Tube Expanders & Tube Cleaners

Airetool Tube Expanders & Cleaners are used to fabricate and maintain boilers, heat exchangers, condensers and other tubular type equipment in a variety of industries such as: petro chemical plants, oil refineries, nuclear and non-nuclear power plants, paper, sugar and metal mills, air-conditioning servicing and maintenance plants. is your complete source for Airetool Tube Service Tools! Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you find the right Airetool Tube Service Tool to fit the job. Contact us at 727-835-0679 Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 7:00pm EST.
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Airetool Products:

Airetool Rolling Controls

Outstanding performance, incredible durability, and ease of maintenance have made Airetool tube rolling controls the standard against which all other manufacturers are measured. Airetool rolling motors control expansion by the accurate measurement of torque. They automatically stop expanding according to a predetermined setting. Torque control prevents over- and underexpansion of tubes, assures uniformly tightened tube joints, and provides maximum holding strength for individual tubes.
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• Torque Controlled Motors
• 1760 Series Reversible Throttles
• DAS-100-TRS
• DAS II Dominator
• ATC-900 Electronic Controller
• Tec 7000 Electronic Controller
• Multi-Spindle Controls
• Rolling Control Accessories

Airetool Boiler Expanders

Tube expanding is the art of cold working the ends of tubes into intimate contact with the metal of the containing tube holes to form a leak proof mechanical seal and/or joint. In other words, it is a mechanical method of establishing a mechanical joint between a tube and a tube hole. Boiler expanders do not include a mandrel when ordered because it is possible to obtain them with three different types of mandrels depending on the application.
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• B-1000 Series
• B-2000 Series
• B-3000 Series
• FTE Series
• FTF Series
• FTC Series
• Mandrels
• Refinery Expanders
• Boiler Expander Accessories

Airetool Condenser Tube Expanders

Airetool heat exchanger and condenser expanders have long been recognized as the standard to which all other brands are measured. The extra time spent manufacturing Airetool expanders results in consistent performance and incredible durability that OEM Heat Exchanger Manufacturers expect.
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• AN Series
• G-800 Series
• G-900 Series
• G-1200 Series
• G-1300 Series
• G-8012 Series
• Special Expanders
• Vernon Hydraulic Tube Expansion
• Installation Accessories
• Pop-a-Plug
• G-160 Tube Testing Tool
• HydroStatic Test Pump

Airetool Tube Removal Tools

In addition to a tube expanders and cleaners, Airetool offers a complete line of tools for removing damaged, defective, or otherwise unwanted tubes from tube sheets or other systems.
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• Impact Wrenches
• Grinders
• Tube Puller Systems
• ATP III Series Tube Pullers
• PATP III Series Tube Pullers
• HDP III Series Tube Pullers
• HDQ III Series Tube Pullers
• RAV III Series Tube Pullers
• Super Jenny Pulling System
• JSP Series Tube Pullers

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